hi everyone! lots has happened. my dad read a bit of this notebook lol. not good. things are alright though. niko & i are alright of course. we were supposed to play dead by
daylight & talk tonight but his family pissed him off & hes offline. fuckers leave my boyfriend alone. disrupting my niko time 4 god knows what reason. FUCKERS
FUCKERS FUCKERS just you wait until we live together. we'll play dbd all damn night long if we want to. oh thats another thing. niko bought me dbd. thank you
thank you thank you baby. its so much fun. ive been watching lots of try guys @ night. they make me laugh a lot. i love them. i miss shane & ryan from buzzfeed unsolved too.
ive also gotten into the habit of watching kickthepj on twitch in the morning. jacksepticeye's dad died, i feel awful. not to make light of it, but i chose a good time to fixate on other youtubers.
its a little after 9pm, tomorrow at 8:30am i begin the akron childrens outpatient program. kind of excited? i wanna work on eating habits although they specifically said WE DO NOT
TREAT EATING DISORDERS. also not wanting to kill myself all the damn time. without changing my brain & thinking 100% yknow? yknow what i mean?
yeah. the reb & vodka influence cannot be undone. gotta go to bed but im sure i'll write tomorrow. im pretty sure i get to bring my notebook. gute nacht!